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Version: 1.1.1


📄️ New entry

The repository can be used to disclose data assigned to molecules (samples) or reactions and their products. The easiest way to enter data to the repository is to transfer already available datasets and information from the Chemotion-ELN to the repository. If you are not using the ELN, you can add the data via upload of files. In both cases, your data is available via your personal account and is not visible to others. The disclosure of stored or uploaded data is done in a second step (described in the Publication and Review Process part of the usage hints) and requires your submission.

📄️ Embargo topics

Embargos can be used to prepare data at any time and release the data at any time that is desired. The setting of an embargo is described in the pages Publication and Review. The release of embargos can only be done by the person who submitted the data to the repository. In principle, the release of data can be done at any time. For data that are part of a scientific publication, the release of the embargo is recommended be done either in parallel to the review process of the manuscript or after the acceptance of the manuscript. If reviewers should have access to the data, a reviewer-access to the embargo bundle can be requested.