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Chemotion ELN

The Chemotion ELN is being developed in an initiative of the Bräse working group at the Institute for Organic Chemistry (IOC) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The involved developers work on the north campus of KIT in the COMPLAT group.
The Chemotion ELN is being developed with the help of chemists for chemists. In future applications, related disciplines should also be included in the further development. We would like to thank many other institutions and developers who contributed code, ideas and finished subcomponents. The Chemotion ELN could only come into being with the support of developers from NinjaConcept and Cubuslab. Further sub-components are available through the cooperation with NMRdb and SciFinder.
The project has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since 2015.
If this laboratory journal is used in your laboratory, we would be very happy to receive a short message. It gives us the opportunity to document the number of users in order to prove the interest in our journal.
The team looks forward to any kind of feedback, suggestions and criticism (chemotion[at]


If you have any questions (please only after reading this manual), please contact the Chemotion team: Whenever possible, we can be reached for your questions. The responsible contact persons for all questions are Nicole Jung and Pierre Tremouilhac.
Mail: nicole.jung[at]; pierre.tremouilhac[at]

System check#

For every ELN-instance, a system check is recommended before users start to work productively with the ELN. Please see the section System Check for detailed information and file examples that can be used to check the functions of the system.

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