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NMR analysis


This page is still being edited and reviewed.

1. Supporting file formats

For NMR analysis, we are now only support JCAMP-DX files (.jcamp, .dx, *.jdx), zip (Bruker FID and BagIt) files.

2. Supporting NMR layouts

We are now support 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, 15N and 29Si NMR

3. Upload your data and view it

To upload and view your data, you can follow this instruction

4. Working with your data

  1. Using tools bar to zoom in/out, add peaks, add multiplicity, etc.

    chemspectra toolbar
  2. Example of added multiplicity

    chemspectra multiplicity
  3. Select which data you want to be saved

    chemspectra type of submit
chemspectra select type of submit
  1. Confirm you saving

    chemspectra submit
  2. Predict NMR signals You can predict NMR signals with the Predict button, the data of prediction come from NMRshiftDB

    chemspectra predict button
chemspectra prediction result