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Coming soon

The Chemotion ELN is constantly improved and new features or larger code extensions are already planned. This site summarizes some of the ongoing projects that will be added to the Chemotion ELN soon:

Work in progress#

  • Extension of the functionality of the inbox and data assignment to experiments: the process to assgin data in the inbox to the relevant experiments will be facilitated with a new workflow that suggests where the data should be assigned to. COMING SOON (testing)!

  • Improved data upload (better processes for large data files)

  • Enhancement of the functions for biochemists and biologists. Current work deals with the extension of the wellplate entity, the integration of wellplates to research plans and the assignment of reserach plans to a screen. Expected outcome: upload of data from (Excel) lists into the Chemotion ELN can be used to populate a wellplate template in the Chemotion ELN with data. The data can be summarized and exported for further actions or calculations with the data. The resulting list can be uploaded to research plans as outcome of a specific investigation and the data can be assigned to the samples that were used in the assay. Several research plans (several experiments) will then be combined to a screen giving a comprehensive documentation of an investigation.

  • Tracking history: A tracking meachnism will be established that allows to view the history of changes in the Chemotion ELN.

  • Reaction workflow designer: a designer for the generation of machine readable reaction data is designed and will be implemented to the Chemotion ELN as alternative way to generate the description of chemical reaction processes

Further plans#

  • Implementation of a messenger system that facilitates communication of scientists and also enables direct requests to Chemotion ELN super users or the helpdesk team.
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