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How to Use This Manual

Due to the necessary complexity of the ELN, it was not always possible to make the functionality of all areas self-explanatory. In this manual we will highlight all the instructions necessary to operate the ELN and make full use of its capabilities. Before using the ELN, we ask that you at least observe the hints and instructions that are identified by the following symbols for Caution and Recommendation. The ELN team is available at any time for questions and assistance, but we do assume that you are familiar with this manual and, in particular, with the highlighted Caution and Recommendation.


Very important facts you need to consider for a correct use of the Chemotion ELN.


Important hints.


Additional remarks and recomendations.


Futher links that exlpain external tools and use of the Chemotion ELN.

All terms in this manual that are highlighted in bold form designations that can also be found within the user interface. Please have a look at the definition of those terms. This will make it easier to understand this manual.

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