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This page is still being edited and reviewed.

User name_abbreviation#

Name abbreviation, like e-mails, are unique in the DB and can be used for sign in. The length of it can be defined in the user_props.yml configuration file:

# from the application dir (/var/www/chemotion_ELN/current) copy the config file
cp config/user_props.yml.example config/user_props.yml
# edit it
vim config/user_props.yml
# restart the application (assuming Passenger is being used)
touch tmp/restart.txt
# keep the configuration for future Chemotion ELN updates (assuming Capistrano is used)
mv config/user_props.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/user_props.yml
ln -s /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/user_props.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/current/config/user_props.yml

Secret key#

used for cookie encryption. stored in .env file

Structure editor#

Chemotion ELN uses Ketcher as the default structure editor. To use the ChemDraw editor or the Marvin JS editor, configure the licence and required files in the structure_editors.yml file.


### example of structure_editors.yml
:label: 'ChemDrawJS'
:license: '/chemdraw/ChemDraw-JS-License.xml' # license file of ChemDraw
:extJs: ['/chemdraw/chemdrawweb/chemdrawweb.js'] # js of ChemDraw
:label: 'MarvinJS'
:license: 'license file' # license file of MarvinJS
:extJs: ['external javascript files to be included'] # js of MarvinJS
:extSrc: 'external file' # file of MarvinJS

After editing the structure_editors.yml the service needs to be restarted.

e-mail-service (optional)#

For sending users account e-mail confirmation request, reset password instructions, or other notifications.

e-mail configuration parameters are set as environment variables in the .env file. below a list of available parameters:

# default url of your Chemotion ELN for http links in e-mails:
# senders e-mail:
## SMTP config
# Remote mail server
# login user name & password:
# optional, HELO domain
# detect STARTTLS
# authentication type ('plain' 'login' (Base64 encoded) or 'cram_md5')
# how OpenSSL checks the certificate ('none' or 'peer')

See rails docs for an explanation of the parameters.

File collector#

This is an optional service to collect data files and distribute them to the Chemotion ELN inbox of the respective users.

(see the devices overview or doi: 10.1016/j.acax.2019.100007 )

Two options are available:

  • collecting attachment files from e-mails
  • collecting file or folder from local drives or over scp

e-mail-attachement collection#

The Chemotion ELN-app should be given access to an e-mail account in which it will regularly check for incoming e-mails and collect the attachments. The attachments are then distributed to Chemotion ELN user by matching the additional addressee present in the To: or CC: fied of the e-mail. The sender's e-mail address should also one of an Chemotion ELN-registered device.


All new incoming e-mails are processed and discarded. If the sender and other addresssees are unknown to the Chemotion ELN (e-mails registered to Chemotion ELN accounts), then the e-mail will be directly deleted.

File collection#

Files can be collected from remote storages and distributed to specific user based on the file-name matching the user's name abbreviation.


The directories watched by the collector service will be emptied at each collection i. e. all files within the watched directories will be removed.

Data-collector settings#

Configure the frequency for collecting the files, as well as the e-mail access in the config/datacollectors.yml file. The background worker will collect the files at the frequencies set. If login credentials are needed, those are set in the configuration file as well.

### example of configdatacollector.yml
- :name: 'mailcollector'
:cron: '5,20,35,50 * * * *' # every 15 minutes starting a xx:05
- :name: 'folderwatchersftp'
:every: 5 # minutes
:watcher_sleep: 30 # seconds
- :name: 'folderwatcherlocal'
:every: 5 # minutes
:watcher_sleep: 30 # seconds
- :name: 'filewatchersftp'
:every: 2 # minutes
- :name: 'filewatcherlocal'
:every: 2 # minutes
## Chemotion ELN e-mail account
:server: ''
:mail_address: "service@mail"
:password: "password"
# :port: 993 default
# :ssl: true default
- ''
- ''
## File collection over ssh with password
- :user: 'user1'
:password: 'pass'
- :user: 'user2'
:password: 'pass'
# Dir of ssh keys for data collection over sftp
:keydir: 'config/data_collector_keys'
# Allowlist of dir paths for local data collection
- :path: '<%= Rails.root.join(*%w[tmp datacollector]).to_s %>'

After editing the datacollectors.yml the worker service (DelayedJob) needs to be restarted.

For each registered Device, a collection job can be set up through the administrator interface:


External services#





# from the application dir (/var/www/chemotion_ELN/current) copy the config file
cp config/spectra.yml.example config/spectra.yml
# edit it
vim config/spectra.yml
# restart the application (assuming Passenger is being used)
touch tmp/restart.txt
# keep the configuration for future Chemotion ELN updates (assuming Capistrano is used)
mv config/spectra.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/spectra.yml
ln -s /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/spectra.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/current/config/spectra.yml


Access remote Desktops with VNC using websockify



A VNC server needs to be installed on each remote machine.

setting: through the Administrator-interface


Install OnlyOffice instance on a server:

# from the application dir (/var/www/chemotion_ELN/current) copy the config file
cp config/editors.yml.example config/editors.yml
# edit it
vim config/editors.yml
# restart the application (assuming Passenger is being used)
touch tmp/restart.txt
# keep the configuration for future Chemotion ELN updates (assuming Capistrano is used)
mv config/editors.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/editors.yml
ln -s /var/www/chemotion_ELN/shared/config/editors.yml /var/www/chemotion_ELN/current/config/editors.yml

Computed properties#

source: installation:

hint: Turbomols license needed settings the computed-properties can be done directly from the Admin-UI, and are saved in the DB

Application will need to be restarted

Dynamic Welcome e-mail and Message (optional)#


This feature is still in Beta version.

This configuration enables sending a welcome message as an e-mail to the new users upon registration. It also displays the same content as a welcome message at the home page. The content is dynamic and can be modified and updated anytime.


The message is rendered via .md file, you can find the sample file here. In order to configure this, you just need to create a similar file as above in the same public directory named as You can copy the content from the sample file and modify the message as you wish.


Restarting of server might be required if you are adding the file to an already running instance.

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