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System check

1 Create collection#

2 Create and copy sample#

3 Create and copy reaction#

4 Add attachment to sample#

5 Generate a report#

6 Share and sync collection#

7 Export a collection, export samples and reactions#

8 Import Samples to ELN content#

Samples can be imported easily using an excel template that contains Smiles-Strings. To enable the import into a collection, the desired target collection has to be selected. Please see the following example which can be used as a template to import data to the ELN.

Collection View

See further information in the section about toolbar functions.

9 Send data to repo#

10 Add a jcamp file to the analysis section in sample#

Please see the following examples which can be used as a examples to import data to the ELN.

1H NMR example (.zip and .dx):

13C NMR example (.zip and .dx):

IR example (.dx):

Mass spec example (.raw):

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