Toolbar functions

Import Data to the ELN#

Import samples to a certain ELN-collection#

Samples can be imported easily using an excel template that contains Smiles-Strings. To enable the import into a collection, the desired target collection has to be selected. Please see the following example which can be used as a template to import data to the ELN. The template file can be used as test file to check the functions of the ELN, for a specific import, please delete the current content.


Download XLSX Template here. Please don't change the header of the template file.

Information on the columns and requirements: The columns "stereo_abs" and "stereo_rel" are predefined. Valid values are: stereo_abs: any, rac, meso, (S), (R), (Sp), (Rp), (Sa); stereo_rel: any, syn, anti, p-geminal, p-ortho, p-meta, p-para, cis, trans, fac

Collection View


Please add either molfile or Smiles-Code to the import template. The import process will fail if both is entered.

Export Data from the ELN#

The export of data can be done in different ways, all functions are embedded to the main toolbar.