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Publication and review

Publication of data

To publish data (disclose data to the public), you have to select data with the selection of the reaction or the molecule the data is assigned to. Select the molecule/reaction in the area “My DB” and use the collections “My data” or "Chemotion ELN gate”.

(1) Select your data

(2) “Fly” button

Open the details panel of the reaction/molecule and press the green “fly” button. A new panel opens and allows to set an embargo, to select a license, to add (co)-authors, to add references and to select the datasets.

(3) Select a licence

you can choose one of the licenses CC0, CCBY or CCBY-SA. Please select carefully and in accordance with the rules of your institution:




(4) Select datasets

Select the relevant datasets. Listed are all available datasets but the unchecked ones won’t be published.

(5) Authors and lit

Please credit all additional authors and define the authors by adding their mail address.

Attention: all authors have to be registered to the repository if they should be added (please ask your co-authors to do so). Please add references via the DOI if your data belongs to an already published manuscript.

(6) If you want to publish with embargo, please check the embargo page for further details.

(7) To finish the submission, press the blue publish button at the end of the panel. After this action, no further changes are possible until your data is reviewed and the feedback is sent back to you. If there are no further comments or requests and no embargo was set, your data will be disclosed after the reviewer’s final check.


The reviewing of all data will be done after your submission (independent of setting an embargo). The submitted data is only visible and accessible to selected members of the Chemotion repository group who will handle your data as confidential information.

Your data is checked for formal issues (formatting, purity of the compounds and quality of the spectra) and for plausibility. The plausibility check is supported by automated procedures. After the Chemotion team checked your data, you will receive a reviewing protocol including the necessary changes if there are any. You will receive a notification in the repository UI and an email will be sent to your contact email address. Please open the given links or open the reviewing protocol in the repository “My DB” area, collection: “reviewing”.

(1) See reviewed items

A list of your reviewed submissions is shown, please select the one you want to edit

(2) Open details panel

(3) Open comments

Please select the green reviewing button in the details panel. The given comments on the right side of the page can be directly entered to your original submission listed on the left hand side.

(4) resubmit review

Please answer to the comments of the referees in brief. You may access the comment: functions via -> review (1) -> type "reviewed (2)" -> click speech bubble (3)

A brief info such as "done", "can't it for this and that reason" or similar is appreciated.

If all changes are complete and you commented on the referees comments, please select the button submit (4) to send your changes and comments to the referees. In case everything is corrected, the submission proceeds to the publication (or will be set on hold for embargoed submissions). If you need another revision, the Chemotion team will let you know by notification and email.