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Review glossary

This How To part gives additional information to the description "Publication and Review Process" to facilitate the review process.

All review reports and comments are given with the initials of the referee (e.g. "NJ:"). Hints for a better understanding of the referees' comments are given in brackets "[hint]". Please refer to the following descriptions if short comments are given in your review reports:

  • "amount": Please check the given amount of your starting materials/reagents in table and text for inaccuracies [text-table]. Brackets may give an indication where the inconsistency was detected.
  • "analytics-format": Please check the formatting of your analytic contents. Please have a look at the How-To page "Details for analytics".
  • "format": Please check the formatting of your contents. Please have a look at the How-To page "Common formatting issues and description issues" for all formatting requirements.
  • "impurities": Please have a critical view at your data and check the spectra for impurities. Impurities may consist of solvents that were not completely removed, known impurities and unknown impurities. Add impurities in the form: "Impurities: 1% ethyl acetate, unknown impurities at 1.11-2.22 ppm and 3.33 ppm". Please have a look at the How-To page "Details for analytics".
  • "instrument": Please give the used instrument for the submitted measurements or change/complete the instrument that is given. Note: Instrument is not the method that was used. The information instrument should contain the name of the vendor/manufacturer. Please select Analyses -> chose your Dataset and enter the name of the instrument.
  • "NMR-A": Please check the assignment of your signals to the atoms of the molecule [C2], information in brackets gives the atom that should be checked.
  • "NMR-M": Please check the multiplicity of your signals and modify [7.77 ppm, s -> t], the information in brackets gives the multiplicity proposed by the referees (if given)
  • "NMR-I": Please check the integration assigned to a certain area of the spectra [area, 2 -> 3], information in brackets gives the area and referees suggestion (if given)
  • "NMR-ppm": please place the information "ppm" in the bracket according to "1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3, ppm) δ =" and remove it from other positions.
  • "NMR-zip": please add a zip File of the original NMR data
  • "process": Please assign a process to your analytical measurements. Select -> Analyses and search in the ontologies (CHMO) for the most suitable description.
  • "Rf": Please add an Rf-Value and the used solvent mixture. Select -> Properties
  • "ready to publish": review is finished and data corrected. If the submission is sent back with this info, the referee was not sure if an embargo was desired and forgotten. Please keep the submission at your side if the embargo was forgotten, please resubmit with comment "can be published" if the data can be disclosed.
  • "replace GP": The description of the reaction procedure needs a distinct description. Descriptions written as a general procedure missing concrete names and amounts are sent back for a revision.
  • "separate/check purification": The description of the purification of a crude target compound should be given separately to the description of the reaction. Please add the part describing the purification to the tab -> Properties and enter it to the field -> additional information for publication and purification details