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Browser & Access

For the use of the Chemotion ELN and Repository, Chrome is recommended. Other browsers such as Firefox or Edge only allow limited functionalities in some areas of the application regarding the Chemotion systems (e.g. collection management and ChemSpectra).


Please use Chrome as browser for the Chemotion ELN and Repository.

There are two ways to use the Chemotion ELN:

  1. A test version is available for demonstration purposes and time-limited applications. It is freely available to all interested users. The test version enables you to evaluate the latest version of Chemotion ELN without prior installation with regard to its suitability for your individual application. We ask you not to do any logging via the test version since data may be lost due to system updates and database changes. Some functions cannot be accessed in the test version, e.g. the SciFinder plug-in.

There is no SciFinder available in the test version.


Never use the test version in operation. Risk of data loss! :::


Help on installation and further tips can be obtained from the Chemotion ELN team. Please use the email addresses given in the contact information or give us a call.