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1. Aug. 2014 - 31. Aug. 2014

Chemotion 2014 Summer Competition

Publish your molecules and datasets during the competition period, and win awards!

1st prize: 400€ 2nd prize: 100€ voucher (Amazon) Details »

High Scores

19 Frederic Witkind Hirth

15 Tim Wezeman

7 Sylvia Vanderheiden-Schroen

6 Sarah Forcier

5 Simone Gräßle

4 Valentin Beyer

2 Irina Protasova

2 Steven Susanto

1 Daniele Antermite

1 Nicole Jung

Publications by group

36 Stefan Bräse Group 

19 Stefan Bräse Group 

6 AK Braese 

1 student 

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KIT Stiftung

The KIT foundation honors excellent contributions to chemistry research with the Chemotion Award.

KIT Stiftung Chemotion Award


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Registry of Research Data Repositories

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InChI Trust

The KIT has a Supporter Membership.



Helping you to find, access, and reuse data

DOI Prefix: 10.14272

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All compounds are automatically registered with PubChem.


Thomson Reuters

Datasets are automatically registered at the Data Citation Index.


Open Source Automation Development Lab


Listed in the DFG catalogue for Research Infrastructures

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