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For Reactions

General aspects

Please ensure that the description of the reaction is as comprehensive as possible. The description of the reaction needs to be understandable and reproducible including all details of a reaction. Common practices - as accepted by some journals - such as giving only one general description used for different reactions are not matching the needs of the repository. Please give a distinct description including the name and amount of the reagents that were used.

  • Please ensure that no abbreviations are used that need further explanations. If you need to add abbreviations, please define them in "additional information for publication and purification". For common abbreviations, please see section "abbreviations and names"
  • Please use the exact name of the given reagents instead of general terms such as "the amine", "the aldehyde", the "starting material"
  • Please add the distinct temperature instead of RT/rt/room temperature, if not otherwise possible, please add the temperature as a range such as "21-25 °C"
  • Please add the duration of a reaction as precise as possible and avoid "overnight"
  • Please ensure that no labels from a journals publication are included (e.g. information such as compound No 233c should be removed)
  • The description of the reaction should end with a sentence that includes the name of the isolated/gained compound and its amount in mg/g, mmol/mol and %. E.g. "After purification, 1-naphthyl-[1-[4-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl]indol-3-yl]methanone (62.3 mg, 145 μmol) was obtained in 27% yield". The name can be omitted and replaced by "the target compound" or "the product" if the name can only be hardly accessed or is very long.


Please adjust the space between number and unit according to common standards:
All combinations of number and unit should be given with space, only the combination number+% (e.g. yield or concentration) are given without.

  • 12 h (wrong: 12h)

  • 12 min (wrong: 12min)

  • 12 °C (not 12°C)

  • 12 mM (wrong: 12mM)

  • But: the product was obtained in 12% yield

  • Or: 5% methanol in water

Abbreviations and names

Many solvents and others are commonly given with abbreviations. Please see the following list of abbreviations that should be used. Please do not use others.

  • THF: tetrahydrofuran
  • DMF: dimethylformamide
  • EtOAc: ethyl acteate
  • cHex: cyclohexane
  • nHex: n-Hexane
  • DCM: methylene chloride
  • MeOH: methanol
  • DSMO: dimehtylsulfoxide

Molecules and their details

Please give all necessary details of the molecules/samples used in the reaction, this includes:

  • information on the stereochemistry for chiral molecules. If the compound is racemic, please add this information in the field for abs stereoinformation
  • information on the melting point for products that are obtained as solid material