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Privacy Policy

Login into the app works with an email address. This email address is used as identifier to identify the user/account of the app and it is used to send the information recorded by the app to an external service which is called Chemotion ELN. Usually, the external service is hosted within a secure environment (behind the firewall of a research institution) and data can be only retrieved by the user who created the account and the admin of the system.

The app itself stores information in form of images (image of a scientific scale), date/time when the picture is taken and the weight of a sample displayed at the scale (an object without relation to the person using the app) . This information is processed and sent to the ELN account of a user and can be retrieved from there.

Images should not include

  • any personalized information of pictures including human beings.
  • include information on the location of the place where the image is taken.

Nevertheless, the motif of the picture depends on the user and the recording of additional information with the image depends on the device on that the app is used.