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UI features

For functions that require authorized access, the administrator can grant or deny users access to the function.


Edit Permission

  • Enable globally - when the function is enabled globally, it is available for all users except the users in the "Exclude Users" list
  • Include Users - the user who can access the function
  • Exclude Users - the user who cannot access the function



Each function has its own unique features and the administrator can adjust the setting by editing the configuration. Please make sure to find the corresponding information and read the content carefully before changing the settings.

  • User Label
  • Computed Prop
  • Reaction Prediction
  • Sample Decoupled
  • Generic Element
  • Generic Segment
  • Generic Dataset
  • ChemDraw Editor
  • Ketcher Editor

ChemDraw Editor

Supported Versions

Chemotion ELNChemDraw
1.0.217, 19, 20
before 1.0.217


To active ChemDraw in Chemotion ELN, use

"editor": "chemdraw"

By default, the web service in enabled. To disable the web service, use

"editor": "chemdraw",
"features": {
"disabled": ["WebService"]

To set up ChemDraw, please see Structure editor.

User Authentication (userProvider)

Supported Versions

Chemotion ELNprotocol/services
1.6.OIDC, shibboleth


After having saved the settings, the ELN service needs to be restarted to apply changes.

Configuration example:

openid_connect: {
host: "",
icon: "path/to/image.png",
enable: true,
issuer: "",
scheme: "https",
client_id: "myClientID",
redirect_uri: "",
client_secret: "secret",
token_endpoint: "/oauth2/token",
authorization_endpoint: "/oauth2/auth"
github: {
enable: false
client_id: null
client_secret: null
OIDC paramsvalue
hostaddress of the service
iconpath to a public image to display on the sign-in page
enabletrue or false
issuerurl of the issuer
client_idclient ID
redirect_uriyour chemotion ELN url + '/users/auth/openid_connect/callback'
Shibboleth paramsvalue