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FAQ & Troubleshooting


This page is still being edited and reviewed.

If you need help with the ChemConverter, it's right here!


I cannot create a profile on the admin GUI (Webserver does nothing or ERROR Message)

  • Answer: There can be multiple reasons, but the most common are:

    • You are trying to upload a binary file (not supported yet!)
    • There's no reader (yet) for your specific data type and the standard reader don't work either.
    • You are in the wrong menu, please press the right button.
      Please do not click import, create instead

I created a profile for my data file on the admin GUI but after uploading it to the ELN it will not be converted.

  • Answer: If you are sure, that the reason is not the converter itself (because you tested it on a standalone version and it works), we need to add your file extension/type to our whitelist. Please let us know.

Even after choosing a suitable data type (and a correct conversion) the ELN says "Preview not available" and/or "Spectra Editor: Reprocess"

Preview not available

  • Answer: The two common mistakes occur if there

    • was a freeze, loose of connection or other bug during the upload or the conversion process. You can try to click on the orange button to regenerate the spectra.
    • isn't a working layout for this technique yet. You can wait for the next update and try again later or help us with your expertise to create a suitable layout.
  • Workaround: Just to have basic features for looking at the curves, an already more accomplished layout like CV, UV/VIS or NMR is recommended to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why using .jdx and not e.g. .csv for the converter output?

What data formats are supported as input

  • Short answer: Mostly all common non-binary files (txt, csv, dta ...) are at least with basic feature.

  • Long answer: We encourage you to look at the reader documentation page. Here you will also find a list of readers with advanced features.

  • Answer: Of course there are and we are happy to help you against closed, unreadable and proprietary data! Therefore, a document with simple and basic guidelines (currently in beta status) was created.

Your Questions

If you have access to GitHub, you can write your questions there and maybe they become part of the next Q&A update or some other user can provide you with an answer.