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ChemConverter Readers


This page is still being edited and reviewed.


Because the Readers are constant in development, smaller bugs in the linked files can not be avoided entirely.

Characteristics of existing Readers and where to get them

Nameavailabilitysupported file format and/or identifiersMeasurement technique: device and/or softwareLink to download
AIFv0.9.0+.txt, plain text and first line == raw2aifsorption-desorptionLink
ASCIIv0.1.0+non binary filefallback Reader for generic ascii filesLink
CIFv0.9.0+.cif and plain textsingle crystal X-ray diffraction: OlexSysLink
DTAv0.3.0+.dta and plain textCV: GamryLink
NOVAv0.5.0+Special Heir of CSV Reader with first_row == 'Potential applied (V)', 'Time (s)', 'WE(1).Current (A)', 'WE(1).Potential (V)', 'Scan', 'Index', 'Q+', 'Q-'CV: Metrohm NOVALink
PsSessionv0.5.0+.pssession and json formattedCV: PalmSens PSTraceLink
SECv0.9.0+.txt, plain text and 'Sample', 'Method settings' & 'Sequence table' as the first three linesSize Exclusion Chromatography: WinGPCLink
SEMv0.9.0+ascii-file and first_line.startswith('$SEM_DATA_VERSION')Scanning Electron MicroscopyLink