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Lists form one main organization instrument in the Chemotion ELN. All main entities sample, reaction, research plan, wellplate and screens, are visible in the list generated for this entity-type. Entity-types that are generated via the generic elements function are also listed in the entities' list. Lists are helpful to keep an overview of all items and they help organize the entities. Lists can be automatically structured according to identifiers, if available. Currently automated structuring of lists is only enabled for samples with structures.

Lists for samples

Lists for samples are sorted according to the InChI-Key of the samples. Each new InCHI-Key prompts the generation of a new molecule drawing (grey area in the sample list), that is followed by a white area referring to the sample. If there are several samples with the same molecular structure, they are all sorted in one molecule area. For the generation of the molecule image, the Chemotion ELN uses the Molfile of the latest edited sample. Thus, the image representing the molecule (and therewith the samples) changes if the Molfile of the latest edited sample is changed.

The list of samples contains further information.

Sorting of the samples list

Sorting can be done by filtering according to a date, filtering the lists using structure search or text search. To be continued...